5 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Brake Repair

Your vehicle’s brakes are one of the most important components on the car. Without brakes, you cannot stop the vehicle and an accident is bound to occur. Do not ignore the signs that suggest that it’s time to schedule service for brake repair. Doing so puts the lives of everyone on the roads at risk and leaves you prone to a breakdown. Five common signs that it’s time for a brake repair:

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1.    Squealing: Squealing brakes are bad brakes and you shouldn’t wait any longer to get service. The squealing is usually loud and obnoxious, so it’s obvious to spot.

2.    Pulling to the Side: If the vehicle pulls to one side of the road when driving, this is also an indication of a brake problem. Your car should drive in a straight line when the brakes are in good condition and it’s properly aligned.

3.    Thin Brake Pads: When the tread wears down on your brake pads, you may hear noises or even smell a burning odor. This is a big problem that will wear out your rotors and cost a lot of money to repair. Keep an eye on the brake pads and get repairs when they wear thin.

4.    Clicking Noise: If the brakes make a clicking noise when you press them, you guessed it: there is a problem that needs immediate attention from an auto repair technician.  This is a pretty common sign, so pay attention.

5.    Vibrations: When you press the brakes, you shouldn’t feel any type of vibrations, so if you do, this is a sign of trouble. Call a repairman to learn if it’s time to repair or to replace the brakes.

Have a good Auto shop Berkeley on hand to call when you need brake service. The best repair shop ensures a great job at an even better cost. Don’t let your brakes cause you grief.